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Social Media

Today, there are 4.55 billion active social media users globally!

Make It Work You!

– Creating social media designs

– Writing social media copy

– Engaging with audiences

– Planning and executing live activities

– Optimizing social media accounts

– Building network and connections

– Weekly schedule

– Monthly schedule


1. Content Creation

Create, share, and mange top-notch content on social media platforms. Engage with your audience in a systematic way with help of beautiful design and content.

With Culturisk, get the edge in content strategy that helps build not only trust but also brand image, and business growth!

2. Social Engagement

With Culturisk by your side, you will be able to engage with your customers and clients through attractive designs, call for action, and hooks. Leading your customers/clients to take an action.

Do not shy away from interacting with your market base. They value it even more!

3. Public Relations Strategy

Social Media allows you to develop and build a unique PR Strategy that works on both fronts, Relevancy and Value. We build relationships that are long-lasting and genuine.

With our impeccable relationship building qualities we can build customer loyalty.

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Social Media Management

1. Creating social media content

2. Scheduling, posting, and updating the content

3. Engaging and communicating to the audience

4. Creating a relationship with the audience

5. Taking in direct feedback and responding directly

6. Keeping records of engagement and assessing publicity

7. Promoting brand identity through social media

Social Media Marketing

1. Advertising especially for social media

2. Creating ads content and scheduling or releasing it

3. Understanding the budget and spending accordingly on ads

4. Engaging with brands and influencers through paid activities

5. Serving social audience through virtual or physical gifts

6. Using all methods of marketing on social media that involves either money or transaction of some for form.

With 5+ years of hardcore social media experience.