Event Marketing is the secret to happy Marketing!

Where can you use Events?

With abundance of creativity and new unique ideas to implement events and help you achieve your marketing goals!

  • Data collection
  • Brand Engagement
  • Public Awareness
  • Party/Celebration
  • Brand Launch
  • Product Launch
  • PR Activity
  • Promotion

Networking, Brand Awareness, Launch Event, and Many More.

There are tremendous opportunities of events and activities that can bring in a lot of business. Culturisk is the expert you can trust. We are well versed with not only research but also execution of creative events.

Why Choose Culturisk?

With our fresh perspective and attention to detail approach, we deliver a measurable positive result that is significant. We are well versed with online as well as offline events. We’ve had a track record of successful events!

Events Completed


Attendees Participated


Brands Served


Because We Research

Our 1st step is about absorbing your business needs. Taking in all the info related to your business and the major goals you wish to achieve. Then we run a thorough research to find out opportunities for your events.

We also take in the vision, mission, and values of your organization for creating a consistent marketing campaign that aligns with your positioning.

How Do We Do It?

– Knowledge Transfer

– Execute And Manage

– Promotion and Ads

– Seek New Opportunities

– Marketing Material

– Fulfilling Event Goals

– Schedule. Budget. Plan.

– Post Event Marketing

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1. Assessment

We assess the market and come up with new and unique ideas.

person writing on white paper

2. Planning

We decide the step-by-step plan for executing the event/activity.

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3. Execution

Here we position your end goals through the event to achieve maximum impact.

Why Events?

If you want to create a buzz, spread awareness, and boost engagement then event is a must!

We’re all social animals

Work and fun don’t really have to be mutually exclusive.

Even though work is incredibly hectic sometimes, life doesn’t have to be stressful and boring and so does your brand!

Pour some life in your professional brand!

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Events bring people together.

Let’s talk which ones are suitable for your goals!