The Orthodox Mentality Of Small Indian Businesses: Consultant Perspective

I’ve discussed with 50+ small Indian businesses in the last 4 months as an Independent Marketing Consultant and this is what I learned.

Small Indian businesses don’t want to work with you until they can’t afford to. What does that mean? It means that small Indian businesses are more often than not, stuck in survival mode.

As I learn more with new mistakes every day, I gather more knowledge and understand where I was lacking. With every interaction I’ve had in the physical as well as the digital world, through personal meetings, video call meetings, telephonic conversations, emails, and chats, I’ve had a decent amount of experience to comment on how much our small businesses value Marketing.

I’ve learned the hard way that growth can not happen without taking risks. Moderate risks or greater risks? That’s a completely different question altogether. We as Indian small business owners don’t even reach there. We’re stuck on “should I risk anything at all?”

We don’t buy new services/products to compare stuff, we don’t change vendors, we don’t change our style of work, and we try our best to maintain a constant workflow that is safest for us to execute. Simply because we are unsure of what tomorrow may bring.

Due to this fear of the future, many of us lose our grip on the present. One of the most profound quotes I’ve ever stated that – “We all know the boat is safest at the shore but it was not created to stay there.”

It is such a powerful quote that it gives me strength even in the biggest of problems. Greater risks, better rewards! I, as an independent Marketing Consultant always share with my colleagues in the same field that small Indian businesses are not your ideal clients mainly because of their thought process, mentality, and attitude towards investing in Marketing.

I am sure this is one of the generalizations I will get a lot of hate for but there’s no way to break the ice. Nobody wishes to talk about it. I tell my colleagues that once your business grows and your prices cross their budgets, then they are interested because that is exactly what happened with me.

I believe the hardest part of a Marketer’s job is explaining to non-marketers everything in a simplified way. I wish they all knew Marketing cost is an investment and not an expense plus there are so many misconceptions regarding marketing that I will need a separate post to address them.

For a small business owner, this might sound rude but in today’s world, if you are not able to identify real value before it gets famous then you’ll be left behind. This is a race against time and opportunity does not come to knock on your door, you have to go out there and actively seek it! If your team does not have exceptional marketers, you must go out and seek them!

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