What Successful Businesses Are Doing Right?

Recently, what I have been observing and learning is that most of the businesses and brands seem to have been successful majorly because of one big unspoken reason.

And the reason is neither leadership nor money. It is neither the smartest of employees nor the most advanced infrastructure. It is neither the government policies, nor the marketing geniuses.

What I want to point out is a disturbing reality of our corporate world and we would go to any lengths to hide it. But since this is Culturisk, we’re going to shout it out loud. The main reason why businesses are successful is not because what they did or what they know either. But simply because of what their consumers/clients didn’t do or didn’t know.

I think I made it sound unnecessarily complicated. So, in other words, successful businesses win big and earn a lot majorly because of the lack of knowledge their consumers or clients have. Plus, the lack of resources their consumers/clients have to manage their needs. And even if, hypothetically, someone somehow educates everything and provides everything to everyone, still the lack of time, willingness, and energy will eventually make every individual/business depend on someone else.

“The real reason most successful businesses win is because of the lack of knowledge their customers have.”

So how do you solve this?

Because no one can do everything on their own and no one can perform as effectively and efficiently as someone else in every field, skill and talent plays a big role in differentiating among individuals. But how do you differentiate between businesses? The same individuals may or may not be able to deliver the same quality of work as a business or team. Some might self-destruct, confuse, delay, or crash as a group, under the influence of external or internal environment.

So what does it actually take to make the most of all available resources? Whether it is money, human resource, machinery, or anything else? I don’t know. It can neither be planning and strategy nor vision and hard work.

Because clearly, the quality of performance or ability each type of resource has is different from what it’s smallest unit has. And it gives us no idea of how they’d act together!

Hence, assuming that smart people make the most successful businesses can not be accurate. However, the most successful businesses can attract the most talented and skilled employees of course. But will they maintain the same standards of work as a team?

What most successful businesses have in common is an adaptive, advanced, and people-friendly structure. It can either be a result of the success or the cause! Who knows!? But they treat their employees well indeed.

And the 2nd most common thing I noticed among them is that they look simple but are incredibly complicated and inter-dependent. Meaning, if you create enough number of connections and support pillars for your organization, it strengthens your stability and chances of you falling down get smaller and smaller as the number of connections grow!

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