LinkedIn Content Creators, Are You Happy With Trends?

Things as simple as writing LinkedIn posts are planned nowadays. My friends have this urge to go on Google Trends everyday for fetching hot and happening topics to write about. I don’t. And maybe that’s why I’m left so far behind them all. Indeed, it’s true. I’d still choose to write what is relevant to me than following some non-sensical rules the society has made up. I would hate to write something that would demand my own preferences to be thrown out just to keep me in the spotlight.

I wouldn’t want that spotlight. I mean, not at the price of losing my freedom to choose. I choose to write what I feel is important for me to express then the 2nd beneficiary would be a reader or maybe 3rd, pushing up the importance of topic itself.

I do not follow any national or multinational news and media outlets, I don’t know why but they don’t appeal to me. To my mind, it always seems like people at the national or multi-national workplaces will probably have a weaker hold on the market or news that is most relevant to me. I do love regional news though. The local news reporters have a better view I believe and they seem trustable to me.

The most accurate way to stay updated with right information is through your own investigative research. Local journalists, other researchers, verifiable past data, etc. You know? It literally messes up my mind to see how consistent national news approaches are and their overconfidence of knowing it all is visible through all their communication channels. No? Is it just me?

Anyway, then there are trends on social media, I can’t tell you how childish it looks especially on Twitter! When people with two opposing views choose separate days to trend their biased ideas. One hashtag trends one day and a few days later the opposite of it goes on trending. So we better not believe in that hype either.

To many of you this might sound egoistic and hyper-emotional and I agree to it partially however, my little bit of ego is nothing in comparison with my humongous urge to be self-conscious of the content I consume and express. Because ultimately, I am going to take in from somewhere and then deliver my version of the same story to elsewhere. It makes me feel free when my ideas are mine, at least for the majority of it. 

I am not sure if this is a problem with me or is it a commonly held belief that predicting any sort of trend to write posts, articles, or blogs actually kills our own preferences. No matter if the final content are factually correct or not, we sacrifice something in the process. Our individuality. Prioritizing trends over our own preferred topics and stories must hurt the content creators a little bit. Then there are SEO requirements that will hate on our titles for no reason, force us to reduce the active-to-passive voice ratio, then changing the whole thing to a basic boring version of what it could’ve been! We hate it but we have to keep it because, SEO!

Everyday, I try as much as possible to know about meaningful and important things happening around us in the world but I consciously stay away from things that might severely affect my mental health. Anything too extreme will disturb your peace. But that’s not it, I’m happy that I’ve never hopped on a trending topic to blabber about random stuff. I don’t go out to preach or shout what I just read a couple of hours/days ago. That’s what I see people doing these days. They listen/read/watch something somewhere for a couple of minutes or hours, google a few times, and then find a remotely relevant article on “” to use it against their own mind. On top of that, the world, industry, and then your social/professional circle throws even more expectations at you to fulfill. All of these factors diminish your creativity, manipulate your style, and by the end of it, there is hardly any difference between your content and anybody else’s.

My friends ask me to write or talk about stuff that they think is important but it’s important for you bro maybe not as much for me. If I don’t feel it, I don’t feel it. I know I’m ruining my chances of getting my visibility up by ignoring these basics of social engagement on latest trends.

But then I don’t really want to ride that kind of wave you know? I’m at the beach and I’m playing with my sand, making sand castles. All of you can go surf the waves and when it hits I’ll know. But don’t pretend like you created the waves. Trends are created by majority and majority is not very bright most of times. 

So when I see these sad, stressed out faces of content creators, it makes me wonder why? You really love doing this right? Content creation is your passion and love right? Then why are you letting others define what valuable and what is not?

I understand sacrificing your ideas while working under some wrong influences, bosses, or colleagues but for social media? For Linkedin? We don’t have to follow the traditional route. We can hit the balance by weighing what matters to us and then what matters to the readers to make sure we’re not working as depressed employees.

No need to try too hard to stay updated on each and every trend, no need to catch up with your competition. In the process of grabbing attention, we’re sacrificing a little too much. I am no creator and I’ve been victim of this mindset where no matter what I do, my individuality has to take a back seat when I am putting out any piece of content. The peer pressure in colleges and schools, the guidelines of bosses, limitations and rules of tools we use, everything is hell bent on changing our content so much so it is hardly recognizable by the end of it. So I know exactly how it feels trying to keep up with things and wasting your time, energy, and efforts on stuff that actually reduces our content to the level of standardized quality. But not anymore. I’m here to express myself, learn, reflect, and grow. Not to follow everyone like a sheep. I’m here to shake the top even if it means falling over my face a few hundred times.

So to the rest of all content creators, I ask, What Is Your Purpose ?

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