Hybrid Marketing: The Beautiful Combo Of Traditional & Modern Strategy

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Hybrid Marketing

Computer technology, the internet, big data, and now AI, there seems to be no limit to the ever-expanding and changing technological race in Marketing. However, the constant reminder we get by experience is that nothing can replace human connections either through face-to-face interactions. A semi-modern lifestyle and the impact of traditional marketing on human psyche is incredibly complex and simple at the same time.

With help of modern technology, most marketers have derived pieces of strategic information to complete their puzzle and crack the code of grabbing attention and target sharply as well as accurately. However, a thorough study even with predictive analysis, big data, or AI has no way to find out “why” but only “how”.

Technology especially analytics can help target and understand how someone is influenced for buying something. However, no technology can analyze why someone bought something. Buying habits are shaped by the real world where marketing is embedded in reality more deeply. That is where Traditional Marketing comes into play. And we as marketers need to inculcate why as well as how of marketing to combine both and deliver with holistic approach.


In the face of the Digital Revolution, Culturisk firmly believes that we need to marry Traditional Marketing to Digital Marketing instead of divorcing one for the other. One day, traditional marketing may naturally vanish completely, maybe. But not today. And not any time soon.

3 main reasons why Hybrid Marketing is still tremendously important

#1 Feasibility

Certain industries and opportunities rely heavily on traditional marketing such as sales in real estate, policy implementation through public administration, construction, infrastructure, traditional service industries, health and medicine, sales in the automobile industry, operations in manufacturing companies, and most of the unorganized sector.
Even on the global scale, countries that are progressed and possess the necessary digital infrastructure are very few hence, traditional marketing is the only choice for most of the world.

#2 Reality Check

Many businesses and industries are still working their way through digitization and transformation from physical business mindset to online. In this space, we’re actively helping businesses get foresight and bridge up the gap. Especially in the progressive business space, there exists a significant vacuum shared by some unique segments of traditional marketers. In it, we can penetrate effectively and efficiently without online or digital tools. In fact, in some cases, traditional marketing is the only way of reaching a mass audience in some fields.

#3 Psychology And Sociology

Even though the digital world has an incredible amount of influence on purchasing behavior as well as brand value, reality in the physical world can not be ignored while upgrading digitally. Most of the semi-modern marketing techniques are still considered the most reliable form of communication. Hence, most of the official, governmental, and international activities are communicated through either traditional or semi-modern channels such as radio, tv, newspapers, posters, and pamphlets.

Even though the times have changed drastically in recent years, what remains the same in Marketing is that, it is still a people-driven industry. Marketing still functions on emotions and not hard calculative numbers. The observations and measurements surely have a numeric value but the nature of marketing, purpose, and targeting shall always remain a human emotion and not predictive data.

Until the day comes when traditional marketing is obsolete, the best strategy for targeting is a mixed approach. A well-balanced, research-based, hybrid approach to marketing. In this approach, semi-modern tools and modern tools are utilized with the right balance to bridge the technological gap of most of the global business environment.

It is not new, most of us are doing exactly that since the beginning of time however, we refrain from identifying this phase of evolution. We are in the phase of development, which we constantly are, and here it is staring back at us in the silence of Digitization, AI, and data.

Why Choose Culturisk?

Our traditional and modern marketing plan will give you a strong, flexible, and effective direction for a profitable and adaptable future. We are proud of offering world-class research-based marketing services at an honest price. Through a team of 10+ MBA managers, rigorously researching and implementing marketing strategies for you. Just so you don’t have to worry about the uncertainty of the volatile market.

We decide to serve a limited number of clients per year in order to ensure optimum outcomes and complete attention to detail. We choose, compose, and execute your traditional marketing plan for you so that you can fully focus on producing and supplying your product/service. In this way, you can outsource your marketing to us and focus on what you love doing. If you are a young business, looking your way to smoothly, effectively, and profitably Culturisk is the best choice for you! Make the transition from traditional marketing to modern marketing via our long-term planning and marketing assistance with confidence. How quickly you can come onboard? Reach out to know.

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