Event Marketing: Closest to the subtle Master Key of Engagement

Event Marketing is the secret to happy Marketing!

It is the ideal option for those who want to create a buzz, spread awareness, and boost engagement for their brand!

But more importantly, Events are special because they take away heavy burden off our minds!

They bring people together. Since we’re all social animals, all of us deserve to enjoy life together. Work and fun don’t really have to be mutually exclusive.

Even though work is incredibly hectic sometimes, life doesn’t have to be stressful and boring and so does your brand! Pour some life in your professional brand!

Live a little.

Here’s why!

Events and social activities are meant to create an open environment for people to come together. This is one of the most successful ways one can incorporate public participation into their brand building. Imagine calling your friends over for a party. This is it but instead of you, it is your brand organizing the event! It allows you to reach out to your clients, customers, and others in a way that is not boring, repulsive, and monotonous. This is a sneaky little technique that allows you to get closer to market psyche with minimum effort. Let it be networking, brand awareness, or pre-launch event, whatever your needs are, there is always an opportunity to bring in an Event Marketing expert!

Culturisk is the expert you can trust. We are well versed with not only research but also execution of such Marketing solutions especially Event Marketing. We provide creative solutions to all kinds of Marketing problems that may arise in a business and some that are not even traceable to others. With our fresh perspective and attention to detail approach, we deliver a measurable positive result that is significant. We are well versed with online as well as offline events. Until now, we have conducted over 50+ events and activities and engaged with 2500+ individuals and 5+ brands.

This can be created or encouraged with a variety of occasions, luckily in India, there is abundance of special occasions. Businesses can find themselves overwhelmed with responses, variety of approaches and lifestyles if they have not studied cultures in depth. We take away those worries and give you a power-packed event plan with useful insights and maneuver them for you. We can build, run, and manage complete event cycle for you on your behalf.

How do we do it?

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1. Knowledge Transfer

The 1st step involves us to absorb your business needs. Taking in all the info related to your business and the major goals you wish to achieve. We also take in the vision, mission, and values of your organization for creating a consistent marketing campaign that aligns with your positioning.

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2. Assessment

Then we assess the market and come up with new and unique ideas that appeal to your audience & customer base. These ideas are then evaluated on the basis of our budget and estimated outcome. We finalize on those that are feasible, are cost-effective, and flexible.

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3. Planning

We decide the step-by-step plan for executing the event/activity. It involves deciding the theme, calendar, marketing material, schedule of the event, assigning tasks, and reaching out to the target audiences etc. Then, we run 2 demos for practice. And finalize the plan after making final improvements.

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4. Execution

After 2 trials, we finally execute the event in such a way that leaves a positive impact on the minds of participants and attendees. Here we position your end goals as pen-ultimate step of the events/activities. To achieve and maximize their impact, we convert the complete experience into a marketable milestone for your organization.


  • Monotonous techniques of generating leads/engagement/brand awareness are no longer sufficient.
  • Without a push of promotional activity, the linear or steady growth of business pummels eventually.
  • Event Marketing gives you immediate results along with long-term benefits!
  • ROI is easier to calculate with Event Marketing activities.
  • Newer audience is drawn to the brand and brand engagement boosts immediately.
  • Pre and Post Event Marketing Material is multi-dimensional, hence multi-purpose.
  • Event Marketing helps create not only brand awareness but also brand visibility and brand image.
  • Takes care of not only Marketing and Promotion but also Public Relations.

As the end result, collected data, enabled engagement, achieved promotion, and generated leads add on to the benefits of our events and they significantly contribute to your future success for short-term as well as long term. We have abundance of creativity and new unique ideas to implement events and help you achieve your marketing goals!

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Events bring people together.

Let’s talk which ones are suitable for your goals!

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