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Communication in the form of writing can later-on be used via multiple different modes however, the main copy should possess most if not all the following qualities in right proportions to become most effective: weight, flexibility, knowledge, style of communication, quantity, frequency, tone/fluctuations, positioning/sequence, purpose, and command over the language. Once we combine these qualities and compose a well-articulated copy, one can vouch that it would not only be effective but also self-sufficient!

The written content aimed towards making a sale happen, is called a copy. A copy may be a piece of information in a well-articulated manner or complete project content depending upon its context.

Copywriting is a skill and talent to contain knowledge, ideas, and information in the most engaging and purposeful way so that the audience not only reads but also understands, remembers the core idea, and gets influenced by it. The purpose of copywriting is to influence readers and it is multi-dimensional because there are a number of different ways you can communicate to people.

It does not matter if the organization is not famous. We can only make improvements once we understand what people think and believe about your business.

We, at Culturisk, strongly believe that the secret to effective copywriting lies in the skill of convincing and navigating difficult conversations smoothly.

The 2nd most important key to an amazing copy lies among the people and culture. Hence, we are happy to inculcate our research based on cultures to target and curate copy especially for the audience that is going to read it.

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