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Our Mission

Induce research into all business models to create a long-term strategy based on culture-centric solutions for all, in order to merge their business functions to serve cultures and improve them.

Our Vision

Become a hub of world-class Strategic Marketing consultants by building culture-centric solutions for progressive brands with innovative, rare, and jaw-dropping projects to have a positive social impact.

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The Story


Culturisk was born through the combination of two words – Culture and Risk. When put together these two words define a revolution. Culture here holds a deeper and greater meaning than just a social setting. Culture is every fabric and perception of our social lives.

While researching about the name we came across several people who had used the same business name in their own way and many of them claimed to have discovered the word.

We’ve also interviewed one of them. Mr. Brian Cousins, who is an Entrepreneur and Fashion Model from Baltimore, Maryland, U.S. He has a clothing line under the same name, trademarked in the U.S.

The other one is Marty Dippingwolf from Netherlands with his custom shoe concept by the same name – @Culturisk.

The 3rd reference we have is a series of YouTube videos click here to watch – CultuRisk Tech Talks an initiative by ICOMOS India National Scientific Committee on Risk Preparedness (NSC RP). Hosted by NSC RP Coordinator Priyanka Panjwani and Co-Coordinator Shahzad A. Malik.

Taking inspiration from all these people, we’ve finally decided to quit adjusting in our box. Instead, we’ve started to build our own little world to live on my our terms.


Culturisk is a phenomenon that incorporates all the meanings of the words Culture & Risk put together. Every society faces difficulties and risks which have to be overcome by its people and sometimes the culture itself is risky for the people.

In both the situations, we need to push through and uplift ourselves. We are doing exactly that and some more. We intend to build a community through our business that nurtures progressive values and helps progressive brands.

Primarily focused on providing sophisticated, well-researched, Marketing, Branding, and Strategic Planning solutions, Culturisk Marketing will expand furthermore into various newer fields of Marketing in the coming future.

The main goal of this business is to create undying value and maintain life-long professional relationships. Culturisk is working towards the corporate change required to manage the gaps between company’s internal culture as well as market. We find those gaps and fill them up. We also bridge different cultures and improve the existing ones.

With expertise and knowledge in Digital Marketing, Traditional Marketing, Strategic Planning, and Research, Culturisk can help you analyze and assess your present as well as scan for future threats and opportunities.


We believe in building better things in place of failed systems before removing them completely. Our goal is to create a better environment, a better culture, and a better way of solving people’s and businesses’ problems.

As you must have noticed this is not a generic “About us” section that you read on every website. The Vision, Mission, and Values mentioned here are literally our life-force. We wholeheartedly believe that we can bring a positive change in both business and social environments no matter how small.

In the near future, we look forward to perfecting creative ways of Strategic Planning and assisting as many individuals or businesses as possible.

Culturisk to us, is a socio-cultural movement in a sense, taking inspiration from Culture and the risks associated with it. We intend to revolutionize it!

Knowing our unique style, values, and super-direct approach, we are well-aware that we will repel most of the opportunities out there. However, we do not mind staying true to ourselves.

Get a farsighted approach and ride the wave of change with Culturisk! Stay fierce, stay progressive!